Sustainably Sourced

We are very proud to be serving Wogan Coffee here at One & All. Established in the heart of Bristol in 1970, they are a family business that sources beans from ethical and sustainable farms across the globe - with the aim of improving the lives and helping build better futures for the growers and their families.

Ethically Produced

In 2004, in the male dominated regions of Northern Peru, the isolated female farmers decided to separate their coffee production from the mens. They gained financial control, decision making power and put an end to the unequal treatment. For fifteen years Cafe Femenino has continued to stand up for gender equality and empowerment from within the coffee industry. From Peckham to Peru we salute you sisters!

Made with love

So what does it taste like? Cafe Femenino is Single Origin 100% Arabica Speciality Coffee, washed and shade grown by the Cecanor Cooperative. It is rich in body with bright acidity and dark choclatey undertones. It's basically a black forest gateaux in a cup. Yum. Here at the cafe, we use a very specific recipe and the team is dedicated to (obsessed with) creating the perfect coffee every single time.


Our menu is small but mighty.

We focus on simplicity (no dish has more than five ingredients) and maximum tastiness!

To do this we use fresh ingredients and cook everything to order in our open kitchen.

We are all about homemade; if it can be made in the café we make it in the café.

We try to look after the local community by offering dishes at affordable prices and listen to what the people want. Danny’s Ploughmans anyone?

We have a wide selection of freshly baked pastries, yummy vegan cakes and gluten free brownies.



Cafes have the potential to be very special places; where locals can really feel a part of their community. One & All is a café with a social mission. We wholeheartedly believe that we have a responsibility to honour our community and so we are trying to be a café for everyone.

We are trying to achieve this personally but also to encourage other cafes to do the same via our CAFES FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION scheme (CSI)

Here are the three main pillars:

One for a Friend

Our pay it forward scheme enables you to buy a hot (or cold) drink for someone less able to afford it. As London leaves people behind and prices us out we need to look after each other more than ever. We have gone a bit further too by meeting you half way – so when you buy “One for a Friend” you only have to pay half the cost. We are working with local food banks and charitable projects whose aim is to help those who are financially disadvantaged to help get the word out.

Affordable Items

Roll up Roll up! Yorkshire Tea (only the best tea in the land) is £1.00 and always will be. It’s in a massive mug too and we are not averse to top ups. On the whole we have tried to keep all items affordable and and we do not charge extra for alternative milk in your coffee. There are a few dedicated dishes which are more accessible for those with tighter purse strings, such as jacket potatoes and the our famous Danny's Ploughmans toasted sandwich.

Community events

Very soon we will be open in the evenings and we are looking forward to becoming a local venue for community events. These will vary from live music to spoken word jams; workshops to pop ups; talks and film screenings – always free for the people of Peckham. Please get in touch if you are interested in hosting an event in the café. Remember this is not about making a profit but rather offering a place for the local community to be together. We cannot wait! There will also be beer.

Contact Us

28 Peckham Rye
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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5.30pm
Sat 9am - 5pm
Sun 10am - 5pm